The Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo is very quickly becoming our favourite event on the Cape Town social calendar. Now in its 7th year running, it only seems to get better.

We’re not sure if it’s the giant balloons or the free flowing french champagne but we always have the best time. Now that I think of it its probably the champagne, I mean, I can drink that stuff all day son all DAY!! And so I did, literally. #YOLO

The day however, is not all about champagne – not that it would be a problem if it was – but its about celebrating the sport of kings and looking your best while doing it! Horses, fashion and champagne…just not necessarily in that order.


Deciding what to wear to the Polo is always a little tricky. This years theme was ‘Clicquot Journey’ which basically celebrates the wanderlust that is the thrill of traveling the globe. I decided to take a little inspiration from the ever stylish Italians with a classic creme double breasted linen blazer from Casper Designer Wear and navy trousers from Fabiani.

February has been a scorcher so the linen blazer (combined with the cold champagne) went a long way to keeping me cool. My bright yellow pocket square from Heywood 1922 was a cheeky wink to the famous Veuve yellow label while the brightly colour plaid tie from bows n ties picked up on the pocket square and worked perfectly with the houndstooth pale blue shirt from Fabiani. In order to keep things more on the casual side I went with a pair of classic tan brogues from Spitz Shoes and matching belt from Paul Smith

Look, I didn’t win best dressed, (heck, I didn’t even get a nomination) but I loved this look and navy and creme are fast becoming my favourite colour combo for summer.BalloonDSCF6571DSCF6295DSCF6251DSCF6757DSCF6275

If you’ve never watched a live game of polo, then stick that on your bucket list, it remains one of the most impressive live sporting events i’ve ever seen. The symbiotic relationship between the player and the horse is incredible, I mean they might as well be centaurs. The big event of the day was of course the main match between Veuve Clicquot and Shimmy Beach with Shimmy Beach literally stealing the game in the last few minutes and taking it 7-5.

With the horses out the way the day very quickly turned back to fashion with a quick runway showing from Craig Port, Carducci Menswear and Gavin Rajah . Unfortunately, I wasn’t around to catch the best dressed nominees nor winners on the day – no it wasn’t sour grapes : ) Not being one for drinking and driving I had booked my ‘take me home’ service at a waaaaaay to responsible hour and missed out on all the fun at the end of the day.


I did however manage to catch some great personal best dressed favourites on the day. My front runner was of course Elzaan who knocked it out the park with her sleeveless pleated dress from H&M, what a winner 🙂 I also loved my friend Lukas Nangolo’s bright and bold blazer pants combo, wish I could pull something like that off – keep an eye on this guy, I reckon he’s gonna be doing some big things! Lastly, and this a matter of being in the right place at the right time I managed to catch this awesome shot of Boity looking super elegant as usual and sending my twitter into a spin.

Ahhhh man, what a day. Cant wait for next year!

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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