Fancy Friday


When I started What My Boyfriend Wore, I created Fancy Friday as a way to get guys to stick their middle fingers up to dressing down for the end of the work week. It was an excuse to stick out of the crowd!

Now, It’s probably just timing or the general zeitgeist of the time, but it looks like there are generally a lot more gentlemen on the roads these days, so Fancy Friday must of worked 🙂

I personally have been a little slack at going full fancy myself, and by that I mean every detail and accessory meticulously paired into what I like to think is a perfect combo. I’ve been dressing down a bit and taking stuff a little more casual lately, not because I think Fancy Friday should die, but mostly because we’ve had an endless summer here in Cape Town and it’s just been too damn hot!

medium-shotSo lets take a look at how to approach multiple patterns and textures and pull it all together. As always the key is scale, keep your textures and patterns largely different from one another and it generally does the trick. Sometimes you can even get away with the same size pattern / texture if the colour is different – like the blazer and trousers with a fairly similar sized pattern.

When it came to the shirt and tie, it was a question of scale, the diagonal stripes on the tie are a strong contrast to the thin shirt stripes, so they never fight one one another. Small details like matching the pocket square to both the shirt and tie and allowing the lapel flower to  bring out the blue in the shirt eventually end up bringing everything together.

Lastly and always important, match your leathers and match your metals as i’ve done with the watch, cufflinks and tie bar.


If you like what you see above, let me help you put it together:

Sunglasses from Rayban

Blazer from Topman

Shirt from TM Lewin

Pocket Square from Bows N Ties

Tie from Bows N Ties

Pants from Markham

Shoes from Zara

Watch from Vodrich

Bracelet from Vodrich

Okay. Stay fancy.

Full-lengthIt’s not often I wear a suit for Fancy Friday. Heck, It’s not often that I wear a suit period.

So why today? Well, isn’t that just the best thing about not giving a f*ck? Some days you just wanna walk into a room and be the best dressed person there. The room doesn’t even matter! You just wanna associate looking good, with feeling good and today, i needed that. I had a big meeting with very little time to prepare so I decided I would draw my confidence from my suit and of course my new born moustache.

Did it work? Of course it did. There is much power in dressing with confidence!

portraitI had picked up the suit recently at H&M (they’ve just opened in Cape Town “Whoop Whoop”) and this was part of their David Beckham collection. You can never go wrong with a navy suit and the only one I owned is a little out of date so I decided on something a little more modern – with a slimmer cut and a little texture to make it interesting. This is the great thing about ‘fast fashion’ places like H&M is that you don’t need to invest in pieces with a whack of cash, but simply get something more affordable and on trend to last you a year or two.

So, the navy suit really is one of the best bases you can work off, you can dress it up, dress it down or anywhere in-between. I’ve always found that pairing the navy suit with black shoes and belt makes the look more formal, where as brown shoes keep it more casual. I was going for a more casual look to fit the rest of the details of the outfit. You can pretty much get away with any colour palette with a navy suit, but you need to take care to let your accessories all talk to one another in order to make it work.

In this case, I really wanted to wear that green lapel flower. No, no reason! So I searched for a tie that would pick up on the green and a pocket square that would talk to the tie and tie clip. The brown in the tie clip was meant to pick up on the shoes and hopefully pull everything together. I think it worked.


If you like the look, this is where it’s all from:

Sunglasses by Ray Ban

Suit from H&M

Shirt from H&M

Tie From Weekend Casual

Tie clip from Weekend Casual

Lapel flower from Weekend Casual

Pocket square from Weekend Casual

Watch from James McCabe Watches

Shoes from Dune London

Oaky. Stay Fancy.

Full-lengthmedium-shotI realise today is not Friday, but it certainly doesn’t mean we cant be fancy right?

Consider this a little preparation or inspiration for this coming Friday okay?

With summer approaching I thought is was time to start brightening up my looks a little, perhaps a little change from the brown and blue curse of my last few fancy Friday’s. Okay look, its hardly a curse right! Brown and blue is a fail safe combination.

But what about some red? Yeah, red pants make a hell of a statement I know, which is why you need to let them be the star of the show and tone them down with some more neutral colours. In this case I went with the grey blazer and brown shoes, grey and brown are a lesser used combination, people generally tend to pair grey with black, but I think the brown helps make it a little less formal and a little more “London Gentleman” – whatever that means.


In the end, it’s all about the details. Isn’t it always? As much as you want to let the pants be the hero, there’s a fine line between letting them stick out or helping them blend in. The trick is picking up ever so slightly on the colour so that it feels spread around the outfit, rather than a big POP. In this case, the lapel flower did most of the work. The red, white, grey and navy in the tie was then carried out in different patterns amd textures throughout the shirt and pocket square.

Like what you see? Well here’s where I got the stuff from.

Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Blazer from Gap

Shirt from TM Lewin

Tie by Weekend Casual

Lapel flower from Weekend Casual

Pocket Square from Weekend Casual

Tie clip from Weekend Casual

Belt from Ted Baker

Pants from Topman

Watch from MVMT Watches ( Use discount code ‘Whatmyboyfriendwore’ for $10 off your purchase)

Shoes by To Boot New York

Okay. Stay fancy.



FLYeah yeah yeah, it’s Wednesday not Friday I know, but we’ll look at it as a throwback. So a back to the future type vibe.

As the weather slowly changes down here in Cape Town, dressing dapper starts becoming a little trickier. I wanna be warm but look cool at the same time, so it becomes a juggling act in layering and fabric choice. In this case, cotton layering at the top and wool down below. Mmmm…wooooool!

This outfit started on the pants! I just wanted to wear them. Because wool. The problem though was that they can get very busy. The check is just big enough to be noticeable at a distance, so you need to stop the outfit from getting too loud at the top. My trick is to let all the topside action blend in with subtle hints to the pants so that they don’t stand out more.

Chestbeltflowersquareshoes You’ll notice a very light creamish brown in the tie that picks up on the lightest check in the pants. The blue of course picks up on the blue in the blazer and the white shirt helps keep it very neutral. The flat colour pocket square with brown trim is yet another attempt at pulling all attention from the pants.

The last trick was mainining all the dapper details without overpowering the top of the outfit. In this case, the blue lapel flower was dark enough to standout while still blending into those blues. The wooden tie clip als managed to create some nice horizontal breaks with the belt and shoes.

Simple right?

If you like any or all of the above, here’s where you can find it:

Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Blazer from Zara

Shirt from Gap

Tie from Weekend Casual

Tie clip from Weekend Casual

Lapel flower from Weekend Casual

Pocket square from Weekend Casual

Belt from Suit Supply

Pants from Suit supply

Shoes from Dune

Okay. Stay fancy.

FL---FrontThose of you who follow me on Instagram will know that it’s been a while since i’ve gone full fancy with all the trimmings! I actually kind of missed it!

So when I woke up today I decided I was going to mean Business when I left the house, thats right, business with a capital B just like I spelt it! I had some great new accessories from Bows-n-Ties that were yet to see the light of day (all be it a cloudy overcast day) and a new bag from Cravar bags that I just had to share with you guys.

As always it helps having a starting point for your outfit no matter what that starting point is. In this case, it was the green tie. I’ve been looking for a good dark green tie for a while now and because I’m generally so picky with my clothes the perfect colour and texture had not yet presented itself to me. Till now of course. Staying true to my rule of your pocket square complimenting your tie this pocket square was the obvious choice. I then just needed to tie it in with the lapel flower that picked up nicely on the pocket square while deciding to go a little rogue on the shirt that matched nothing!

All in all a harmonious mayhem of texture and pattern! Lets take a closer look!

bust-2lapel-flowerbusttie-clippocket-squareI was at this point tempted to pick up some brown shoes to help ground the jacket, but I had already decided on the black Cravar bag and wasn’t going to be changing my mind about that anytime soon. Theres just something about a beautifully made leather satchel (Hey if Ladies can have multiple handbags why cant gentlemen have multiple briefcases?! Exactly!) that makes you want to carry it around everywhere you go.

Now we all know by now (or we should) that our belts should match our shoes, but this extends way beyond belts and shoes and is really a case of leathers matching leathers. So this is anything from your watch strap to your bag and the same goes for your metals. This is how it all comes together then.


Like what you see? Well here is where it’s all from.

Sunglasses by Rayban

Blazer from Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Tie by Bows N Ties

Pocket square by Bows N Ties

Tie clip by Bows N Ties

Lapel flower by Weekend Casual

Belt from Ben Sherman (at Stuttafords)

Pants from Markham

Watch from MVMT watches (use promo code WhatMyBoyfriendWore for a $10 discount)

Bag from Cravar

Shoes from Dune

Okay. Stay fancy.

Full-LengthOk, I admit this blazer has seen more fancy fridays than most, but I assure you its coincidental. Well, that and its a killer blazer, this blue goes with EVERYTHING and that can sometimes be a problem.

Well, as far as problems go it’s a good one, and if nothing else it proves that investing in the right pieces is key to having a versatile wardrobe.

I wanted to wear some new goodies I had received from my friends at Weekend Casual, and the blue touches in that killer pocket square made me reach straight for this blue blazer, it just sat perfectly together. The rest became an exercise in texture ( with me its either mixing textures or mixing patterns – sometimes both). So I had established a primary colour palette of blue and creme, the rest just fell into place, I had a wonderfully textured creme tie that was going to work perfectly against this lightly striped shirt. So far the pocket square and tie were talking nicely and the final detail was the brown lapel flower, it helped bring out the earth tones in both the tie and pocket square bringing it all together. Well, at least that was the plan.

The grey pants came in at the last minute, mostly because I thought brown pants (which I had waiting and ready) would make everything far to matchy matchy. Also the grey pants are new (picked them up triple reduced at H&M in Dubai for like $20 – score) and I like wearing new things till I am absolutely sick of them. I decided on these shoes in the hopes of adding contrast but also because they referenced the creme and brown colours on top

Again, none of this stuff is full proof and it’s all a matter of taste and preference, but the theory up there is pretty solid I think. Lets take a look at it in a bit of detail shall we.


Thats it fold, this weeks fancy friday.

Here are the details of where its all from:

Sunglasses by Persol

Blazer by Topman

Shirt by TM Lewin

Tie by Weekend Casual

Pocket Square by Weekend Casual

Lapel Flower by Weekend Casual

Watch by MVMT watches

Pant by H&M

Shoes by Zara

Okay. Stay fancy.


Full-length I’ve kinda gotten stuck in a blue and grey wardrobe rut. Sometimes throwing in some black for a darker colour.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact blue and grey are a fine combination and personally I could (and pretty much do) have my wardrobe consisting of only those colours. Yes! Grey is a colour.

Today however, I decided I would shift it all up a little, so much so that I did a Fancy Friday on a Monday morning which I usually reserve for being ‘casual’. I wanted it to be colourful and just a little loud, so of course I started with purple pants. You kinda have to really. Once you go bold though, you cant turn back, and the trick becomes adding piece after piece of pattern, texture and brightness to make sure that it all works together despite the fact that it shouldn’t.

In this case, I kinda decided that I was going to build the outfit around my shoes, rather than the pants. I cant seem to stop wearing these double monks – they go with everything – despite being a reddish oxblood colour. So in this case, the red / brown detailing in the tie, picked up on the shoes, and the red lapel flower, brought out the red in the tie more, which made it work better with the shoes. I also wanted to funk up my accessories a bit, while remaining in the same colour palette.

Enter wood! Yep! Wood! Been meaning to bust out this Original Grain watch for some time now especially because it paired so perfectly with my wooden tie clip! Wood and steel for the win.

Here are the details below, hopefully it helps the above make sense.mediumpocet-squarewatchtie-clipshoes

Sunglasses by RayBan (these guys are vintage though)

Blazer from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Shirt from Gap (available locally at Stuttafords)

Tie by LVJ Haberdasher

Tie clip by Nic Harry Style

Lapel Flower by Nic Harry Style

Pocket Square by Heywood1922

Watch by Original Grain

Pants by Topman

Shoes from Paul Evans NY

Okay. Stay fancy.