Not every day is a dress up day. Sometimes, going running is as dressed up as it gets. Not to say that you don’t wanna put some effort in. I read once that not knowing what to wear to gym was one of the biggest reasons for not going, considering that most gyms are meat markets I can kind of buy this. The advise I have here is when buying gym gear stick to navy, grey, black and white that way whatever you pull out will always go together. Simple. Do however get yourself a pair of bright trainers, you wanna stand out somewhere. These were a gift from one of my best friends, he bought me a gift card and I designed my own pair of Nike ID sneakers, if you ever get the opportunity you have to try it, nothing like owning something bespoke, even if it is just a pair of trainers. One thing though for South Africans, you gonna have to plan it around you or a friend going to the states, they won’t deliver outside the US.

The details of the outfit are:

Vest, jacket and pants all by Adidas

Compression shirt by uniqlo

Trainers designed by me at Nike ID

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