Black And Blue

And just like that, winter came back with a tiger uppercut to the face. Kinda leaving me black and blue. I wasn’t too distraught as I do love to layer. I love how when you wear a scarf you’re practically wearing 2 outfits, and sometimes 2 looks. Indie rock vibes with a scarf and then ‘boom’, semi business man down on his luck with torn jeans without the scarf.

The details of this outfit are the following:

Scarf, Blazer and Jeans all from Zara

Shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch

Tie from Markham

V neck jersey from Woolworths

Okay. Stay Fancy.

  1. Very stylish! my husband just recently fell in love with Zara! Yay!

  2. I could live on Zara alone. Especially when you’re shopping Zara in Spain or Portugal, it’s cheaper than H&M. Ridiculously amazing stuff

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