There’s nothing quite like the excitement you feel when something you order online arrives in the mail, given the South African postal service you sometimes are genuinely surprised and then further surprised at the ridiculous 40% import duties we pay when it gets here. None the less when I found that lonely slip sitting in my P.O Box I was elated to know my new special skinny ties had arrived. See, they’re special because they’re kinda recycled, no not in a weird hemp or plastic shopping bag kinda way but in a fashion way. See Joshua from SKINNYFATTIES trawls vintage and thrift stores in New York and finds amazing disregarded fat ties. He then takes those and re fashions them into modern skinny ties, by hand, better yet, if you have a fat tie you can send that to him and he’ll make it skinny.

I found him on instagram the other day when I saw these amazing ties keep popping up, I jumped onto there website and ordered these 2 bad boys. The blue one is a re fashioned Etienne Aigner guy and the amazing floral guy is one of the few that Joshua makes from scratch. Nothing like a piece of fashion with a story to it.

They’re also pretty well priced at $30 for Joshua to refashion your old tie or $40 dollars to choose one from his online store. He takes pay pal so us South Africans can get in on the action and the best part is that price includes shipping anywhere in the world. Well, actually, no the best part is that it’s a feel good item. You see, besides all the recycling good Joshua is already doing he donates $1 from every tie to at-risk men transitioning into the workforce. How sweet man!

Okay, this is a long post, but I do love this SFT story. If you wanna get hold of them visit them on or tweet him at @skinnyfatties

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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