Still loving the response were getting on #FancyFriday and it really is quite a fun thing. It’s cool to think that different people all around the world are just getting dressed up, because they can. My big thing this friday was my new pocket square and tie purchase from Heywood, it just goes so perfectly with so much stuff I already have in my wardrobe, and thats a little trick I’ve learnt is buy stuff you can wear with the stuff you already have, not just something that looks great in the store and then goes with nothing when you get home.

Here are the details of this outfit

Blazer from Zara

Oxford shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch

Tie and pocket square both from Heywood

Pants by H&M

Shoes from Zara

22 Entries this week and everyone just keeps upping their game, making it incredibly hard for us to choose. We sit over breakfast and narrow it down and debate, not that either of us are experts but somehow there is always 1 person who has that 1 thing that stands out and crowns them winner. Either way, we’re happy we can feature everyone who takes part here on the blog.

Taking it home for the men this week was a combined entry from @dcchristian and @drewsez we especially loved those green brogues and patterned pants, makes it fancy but with that radical edge. Well don’t guys.

The ladies went all out this week and we were super happy to see way more stuff from the girls, really bring the fanciness home. In the end this emerald ensemble from @lilkimmyc could just not be beaten, fancy right down to those emerald heels, after all, it’s the details that do it.

Below, in no particular order, are the rest of the entries. Some amazing looks and we’re proud to have such stylish instagram followers. Looking forward to seeing what we get next week. If you’re not on instagram feel free to enter via twitter at @whatmybfwore or mail us at and spread the word people will be exciting to see 100 entries 1 day  (though it may kill me trying to put the post together)

Okay.Stay Fancy.

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