Working is hard. I’m not the biggest fan of it, but I need stuff and work lets me get that stuff, and sometimes when you leave, they give you stuff for working so hard, and I had worked pretty damn hard. So Friday being my last day at DDB Johannesburg, the team threw me a little farewell on thursday night where they handed over 2 of the most amazing farewell gifts ever known to anyone leaving somewhere for somewhere else.

The first was this amazing pair of Ray Ban Club Masters, can you believe this design has been around since the 50’s? Decade after decade they just seem to come back into fashion. It kinda feels like a  pair of Wayfarers and Aviators had a baby and this was the amazing result, as classic and timeless.

Now I have been eyeing these guys out online for ages, of course haven’t ever ben able to find them in any sunglass store locally, apparently they’ve been discontinued. Bollocks I say. Of course I found them online but then never took the actual step of buying them (serious commitment issues), If you love them, and you should, you can get them here these dudes ship all over the world.

The second gift was this amazing uniform wares watch. I’ve always been a fan of simple watches, and these guys take the cake when it comes to simple. Are you kidding me? How beautiful is this watch, I had also been eyeing this bad boy out online forever, just trying to find a way of getting it for less. Kinda worked out then didn’t it? Uniform wares has a great collection as they pretty much cover every price point with the watches getting fancier the higher up you go. My next watch will be this guy from there 200 series. Wow.

So all in all, spoilt.

Okay. Stay Fancy


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