I’ve ben looking for colored laces for a while, and they’re really difficult to find here in South Africa, so when one of my best, blogger extraordinaire from hewhosayshmm was on a trip to the states I got him to pick up some from me. He found these guys at Nordstrom and pretty much bought them all.

Lucky me.

Anyway, so what the deal with colored laces. The first time I saw them was on a pair of Paul Smith shoes, a simple black pair of bulchers with some purple shoe laces. I loved that it made a pair of very formal shoes, feel a lot more casual, something that didn’t feel out of place with a pair of jeans.

Now, you kinda see them everywhere, but all you really need is some nice colored laces to make your old shoes look a little more fancy, but in a casual kinda way.

Below are some examples of how I transformed some of my shoes. Cheap and cheerfull.

For those of you who don’t have access to a Nordtrom, try Paul Smith, they have some super nice stuff, a little pricier but rad.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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    Hi! Great post! We struggled to find colored shoelaces here in Australia too! We I saw this post on a great blog, and really like the idea with un-traditional coloured laces on traditional shoes. We just launched our own shop so we can finally get great quality for ourselves and friends/customers in Australia and overseas 🙂 maxlaces.com It is great to experiement with different colors instead of doing the traditional gray/black/brown approach all the time.

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