Nothing makes you stand out more then the details that bring your outfit together.

For those who’ve been following a while, you’ll know that I’m all about the little things. Coloured shoelaces, pocket squares and tie clips, being some of those very little things.

So, it was no surprise that when one of my oldest and closest friends Marina, stumbled onto this on line she told me about them straight away. And I, in turn shared them with you…because, well, that’s what I’m doing here right?

Every time I wear coloured shoe laces on my Instagram posts everyone wants to know where they are from, and all the ones I have are from Nordstrom or Paul smith. But now, we have options! Or at least, you have options, I have more shoe laces than I have shoes at the moment (but…only because all my shoes already have laces)

Meet stolen riches , they have some of the most incredible shoelaces I have ever seen. 

I’ve been searching for grass green like those top laces forever. Now I know why…because they look AMAZEBALLS! But all of the shoe laces are awesome, and they have loads of different colours, they even have shoe laces for boots. My favourite thing, the little metal aglets, you start moving into a whole new world when even your details have details.

But this is not a 1 trick pony my friends, oh no, they have more awesomeness hidden on that site! Well, it’s not hidden, but you do have to click on ‘pocket squares’ to see them.

Now, I’m not scared of gingham, in fact I may be swayed to wear an all gingham outfit if you pushed me. Really hard. But these guys are the perfect amount of gingham for anyone, I love the centre logo detail and trust me, you can never have to many pocket squares.

But now, my favourite thing about this place, is this guy.

Tey call this ‘Style in a box’ and they’re not far off. This little box of tricks will definitely give anyones style a colour punch to the face. This guy is called ‘The Hipster’ but they also have ‘The Dandy’ and ‘The Wall Streeter’ all 3 filled with shoe laces, a pocket square and a lapel pin.

Man, I really need to get me a lapel pin.

If you wanna check them out you can find them here.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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