I love rules like this.

They make dressing up simple. Your shirt has buttons, make sure your tie bar sits between the 3rd and the 4th button of that shirt. Simple.

Tie bars are the kind of fashion accessory that never really go away they just seems to re invent themselves in different eras of fashion. They’re quite hot right now, and having just done a post on 2 awesome ones I had recently got my hands on, I thought I would do a post on the correct way of wearing them, or at least the correct contemporary way of wearing them.

You see, traditionally a tie bar is worn between the 4th and 5th shirt button, but the new updated look has it sitting a little higher, as illustrated above. I like to think, anywhere around your sternum, so a little higher or lower either way wont be a disaster, as sometimes it’s going to depend on the cut of your suit and width of your tie.

Why the width of your tie? Well, a big NO in tie bar dressiquete is wearing a tie bar that is wider than your tie, it just looks crap. Modern tie bars are actually shorter than the width of your tie, but I do think that may just be a trend.

Final piece of tie bar dressiquete, the tie bar doesn’t only keep the 2 pieces of your tie together, it is meant to be attached to the placket of your shirt to stop your tie from moving around.

If you’ve decided you rather like this whole tie bar vibe and dot yet own one, here’s a post I did earlier where you can find some amazing ones.

Okay. Stay Fancy



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