I love the tie bar, or tie clip as some call it.

It goes with my “classic pieces used in a modern way” kinda style.

I bought my first and only tie bar at Macy’s earlier this year after searching everywhere for one in South Africa (we can be a little behind in the trends sometimes), and then I used it to death.

So I was very excited when someone on Instagram directed me to thetiebar.com after having seen someone wearing a red tie bar in a pic. “Ooooo”,I though, “Thats fancy”

Wow! No seriously, wow. These guys have EVERY single size, colour and style of tie bar I have ever seen. I didn’t even think that tie bars should / could come in different colours. Of course they should! Muck like all other accessories, you want them to go with everything else you’re wearing right? Well, you should. The hardest part was restricting myself to only two, that was my budget (though they’re only $15 each) and so I went through all the ties I owned and picked the 2 most unique and versatile ones the mini red one above and the Latte one below.

Im super happy with my choices and just wanna use them all the time. It’s also good to see how well they work when you wear them properly, at some point I’ll get more, I was in love with the matt black and orange one…oh, and the purple. And the green.

Below are 2 examples on how they’ve been used on the following outfits top and bottom.

If, you’re living in U.S do yourself a favour and go check them out, they have everything from tie bars, bow ties and pocket squares in every colour and fabric combination you didn’t know you needed. Best of all EVERYTHING they sell is $15, how awesome.

Okay. Stay fancy.

12 thoughts on “The Tie Bar

  1. Sergio!! I just got a load of ties from the tiebar and i must say their knits and their silk ties have gotten me quite a few compliments already. Excellent place. Have been hesitating to pull the trigger on a tie bar – but your post has gotten me thinking again..

    Hope the Vespa ride was good! 🙂

    1. Dude!

      I could of broken the bank at the tie bar.

      They have some amazing stuff, if it was easier to get stuff shipped to South Africa, I would buy something every month, I love the variety of there offering.

      I picked up 2 bow ties in the same purchase and will be doing a post on that soon.

      Thanks for all the posotive feedback though! Really appreciate it!


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  3. I need to get some for my boyfriend for Xmas but I’m worried about the customs costs, I always get nailed! What did you pay to bring them in if you don’t mind me asking?

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