So, this is one of my most prized possessions.

I received it as a gift a couple of years ago from a very special person.

The brand is called Ateliers Ruby and this particular helmet is the Le Pavillion St Germaine (as far as names go, you don’t get cooler) You may of seen it on my  biker preppy post I did the other day. But this kind of item deserves it’s very own post.

It’s inspired by the daredevil helmets of a by gone era and is the brain child of Parisian designer Jerome Coste. Dont let it’s retro look fool you, it is modern technology to the endth degree with a level of craft and detail secon to none. The red interior is entirely nappa lambskin and there is no describing what it feels like on your head. Amazing just doesn’t cut it!

But you see they don’t just make simple black helmets. No they don’t, though in my opinion they could and they would still be as awesome. You see the helmets are designed as a functional accessory, and therefore come as seasonal collections. I know right! Amazing!

These are just a few from across different ranges and seasons, but they have dozens and dozens to choose from. If you don’t find one you like (unlikely as it may seem), just have one custom made. Yep either on the site or at there flagship store in Paris. I took a stab at designing this double sided guy below.It’s a whole new level of customisation with the most insane finishes and beautiful details. Wow.

One thing I neglected to mention, is of course the price. They don’t come cheap and you can get carried away with the customisation. Are they worth it? In my opinion, every last cent. If you can afford it!

Okay. Stay fancy.

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