There is nothing I have wanted more than to ride my vespa at the coast.


So on the odd occasion that we get a good day here, I’m owning it. This was that day. It was awesome.  Getting dressed for the ride can be tricky though, for those of you who’ve been following a while now will know that I’m not quite the all leather badd ass type, but, I do love me a bit of preppy. Im still loving my denim shirts at the moment, and I kinda thought denim and biking are  synonymous right?

I thought so…maybe I’m more bad ass than I thought.

The details of this outfit are the following:

Denim shirt by Levis

Striped tie by Aldo 

Belt from Paul Smith

Faded black skinny chinos from Topman 

Shoes from Socrati

Laces from Nordstrom

The helmet is by Ruby Atelier (But it is so amazing it deserves it’s own post)

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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