New burgundy blazer. That’s whats up.

Was very excited when I picked this guy up, though admittedly I had to force myself to put down the blue one I had in my hands. Believe it or not I’m quite conservative, that’s why all my details are bright but my basics are generally grey’s and blues! But I suspect that summer will be full of colour, and this is a cotton lightweight guy so it’s perfect!

The details of this outfit are:

Burgundy blazer from Markhams

Blue button down from Abercrombie and Fitch

Blaid tie From HE for Mango

Tan belt with free with green details by Paul Smith

Pocket square from ASOS

Skinny jeans by Wrangler

Tan wingtips from Zara

We also ran our intermittent #FancyFriday on our instagram feed, I say intermittent because we either forget, or cant take the pressure of choosing! It’s difficult, like you wouldn’t believe, but will soon see why! We had some killer outfits and a record number of entries I think.

Taking it for the men was @icarlosdiaz, and with all the great outfits we had, this just stood out! Besides the amazing vintage tie and oversized brooch, nothing really matched but looked amazing!Taking it for the ladies, is long time Instagram friend and supporter Kim from @hisandhers_fashion Mish and I just loved that floral blazer and the bright blue shoes, that outfit was simple and elegant at the same time! A perfect fancy friday look in our eyes!

Finally, and only because he’s a cute little guy! is our #JnrFancyFriday winner, with this little submission from @dvgc. Sweeet man!

Below are the rest of the entries. Some real standouts and amazing outfits. Lot’s of fashionistas not scared to play with colour and texture, it’s inspiring. If you don’t see yourself here and you submitted, drop us a mail, the other reason could be that you didn’t tag us or you submitted an outfit you weren’t actually wearing on Friday. Okay. Enjoy.





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