The heat. It’s coming people.

Im struggling to wear blazers as summer approaches, and I do believe that blazer just completes your outfit. It also gives you a place to put your pocket square…where else you supposed to put your pocket square?

So we start casualing things up a little…yes I said casualing. Yes, I know it’s not a real word, but none the less. Denim shirts, I’ve been speaking about them for a while now, they really do go with anything, though i do have my eye out for a lighter weight denim guy with button down collars – If you see one out and about, do let me know will ya.

The details of this outfit are the following:

Denim shirt by Levis

Donald bow tie from Heywood1922

Red belt by Country Road (available at woolworths)

Wine coloured chinos from H&M

Brown suede moccasins from Zara

Leather briefcase from Frasers Luggage

‘The Santana’ moustache Models own

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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