Been rocking the coloured pants lately.

Although this look never really goes out of fashion it kinda comes and goes in waves…or colours at least. So while it’s here, I’m gonna own it, or try really really hard.

I realise I may have overdone it on the red, what with it being EVERYWHERE and all. But fancy friday is exactly about that, it’s about taking a day to push you style envelope a little, or a lot as the case would be, and as we learnt from Paul Smith just the other day, the best way to do that is in the details.

The details of the outfit are the following:

Black and white gingham button up fromΒ Ben Sherman

Black skinny tie by Markham

Green and Red pocket square by Markham

Grey blazer with black piping fromΒ Topman

Tan leather belt by Paul Smith

Red skinny chinos by Mr Price

Tan point oxfords from Socrati

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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