Headless with turquoise


Out fit of the day shots are tricky.

You spend an equal amount of time taking pics as you do going through them think how much of a prat you look like.

None the less, I really wanted to share this outfit, it was a big old blue fiesta and I really liked it. Something about summer makes you feel like you can wear brighter colours, but I still stick to doing them with details rather than an entire turquoise suit. It’s the best way to feel good without feeling awkward, start with details, make them small but make them count.

The details of the outfit are the following

Blue oxford shirt from Mr Price

Donalds bow tie (other side) from Heywood1922

Grey blazer with blue piping from H&M

Lapel flower (Part of a set of earrings) from Mr Price

Skinny indigo jeans by Wrangler

Leather platted belt from Massimo Dutti

Brown brogues from a department store in Bangkok

Okay. Stay fancy.


  1. ireysher said:

    love the combination of colors, light blue and turquoise.

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