full shotYes, I realised I skipped a day.

Truth is, I wasn’t very happy with Tuesday’s outfit. It was nice, but, Meh, I dont know. It’s up on the GQ Style diary if you wanna see it.

Today was quite exciting, a little bit of biking around the city. To hot for leathers though, but I’m not quite up for a possible fall (and resulting skin loss on the tar) so I got to bust out my new Levi’s commuter jacket. I’m gonna be doing a post about it at a later stage, it just comes with too many bells and whistles to give it justice here.

The details of the outfit are

Faded black skinny jeans by Levis

Pavillion St Germaine helmet by Ruby

medium shotDenim jacket by Levis commuter

Red and white knitted tie by Heywood 1922

Micro houndstooth pocket square by Heywood 1922

Red and chocolate leather driving gloves from Luvaria Ulisses

Pink oxford shirt from Mr price


Shoes from a boutique store in Lisbon

Okay. Stay fancy.


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