Front-shot-openI’ve been looking for a Denim Jacket for a while now.

Every now and the I find something while ‘Browsing’ that I eventually cant stop obsessing over.

This Levis Commuter jacket was it. I needed something for riding my little vespa during the summer that wasn’t as hot or heavy as my leather jackets. I almost went for the standard slim fitting trucker style Levi’s but the details on this guy were just too awesome to ignore. What kind of details could a denim jacket have that gives it the honour of being called awesome? Well, look at this.

arm-pocketFirstly, this little pocket on the sleeve is the perfect iPhone size (I don’t think that’s an accident).

PocketThe top left pocket also has a double pocket for quick access to stuff you need along the commute.

reflective-buttonNow we start getting into the real clever little details that make this the perfect jacket for commuting. The whole Levis Commuter range was pretty much created for urban cyclists, but the fundamentals apply to anyone exposing themselves to the outdoors on the commute, so bikers, skaters, etc.

The jacket is coated with something called NanoSphere®, this makes it water and dirt resistant. Nice! It also has these Reflective 3M™ Scotchlite™ tabs that can be exposed or hidden for night time riding,  see what I mean by clever details.

back-pocketThe back of this jacket has even more amazing details, firstly the extended tail, this stops you from showing a whole lot of bum crack as you ride around. There are also 3 further utility pockets built in to the back construction, for those of you who ride, you know there is never enough place to store stuff, like notebooks and newspapers and stuff (there are also pouches on either side of the one sen here), the beauty of these is that they are hidden into the construction of the already existing seams.

You can also see the specially constructed shoulder gussets, so that the jacket doesn’t get tight when you’re arms are extended, to ad to this, there is a special elsticated interior that keeps the jacket fitted as well as the 2% Elastine fabric that makes the whole thing slightly stretchy.

Last little details that you cant see is the Sanitized® coating, basically, it stops it getting stinky as you ride around.

Fashion is one thing, but smart functional fashion is a different game all together, and the guys at Levis have hit the nail on the head with the commuter range. They do a full range of stuff including some super rad jeans and chinos, unfortunately for me I fall slap bang into an in-between size that South Africa just doesn’t carry or I’de be all over those too.

If you commute in the elements, go take a look at this jacket, I know they’re not available at all Levis stores, but I managed to find them online here.

Okay. Stay Fancy.



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