Topman. Yesssss!

The moment I landed in Johannesburg over Christmas I made a B line straight for Sandton. I was aching to see the new Topman store. I wasn’t disappointed.


I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about the store from some friends, most of them saying that it was really expensive and too trendy, though some people were super happy.

I fit in to the latter category. I didn’t find the stuff overly expensive, and I shopped for stuff that suited my style, the basics. I kinda feel like everyone forgot why they were so excited about Topshop coming to South Africa, the reason we all love it when we travel abroad is because it’s a little crazy and you can get a great mix of super trend items and super basic items. As far as prices go, well, I did a little math and comparison shopping and I thought it was pretty decent. R430 for skinny chinos, R250 for a leather belt, R180 for a tie and R50 for socks. The fact that you can buy on your Edgars account is also kinda cool, it made me wanna dust mine off and start using it again.

Anyway, so this is what I picked up, a few basics I’ve been searching for and some fun stuff i “need”.

Belt-close-up pants tie socksI’m a little scared for Topshop / Topman’s immanent arrival in CT (rumoured to be at the end of April), I know its gonna play havoc on my wallet.

For those in JHB lucky enough to have it on your doorstep, the next time you walk in, pretend you’re coming off the Oxford Circus tube station, a fist full of Pound Sterling burning a hole in your pocket, I can guarantee you’re shopping experience will be more fun.

Okay. Stay Fancy.



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