red-and-blueMy heads chopped off.

Thought I’de start with the obvious.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve worn a blazer…maybe even pants to be honest, but it feels good to be back in what I consider my uniform. The festive season has been good to me, and I stocked up on some new fashion essentials during the sales…and…before the sales.

I’m going to start having less of these outfits posted on the blog and more male fashion content (if you HATE that idea leave me a comment so that I know) Every outfit will always appear on our Instagram feed under whatmyboyfriendwore so if you’re not following…go follow. This particular outfit was the first to ever get 1000 likes and so I thought I would share the details of this guy

So here they are

Burgundy blazer from Markham

Skull lapel pin (one half of a set of earrings) from Loviso

Donald’s hank pocket square from Heywood

Red gingham shirt from Ben Sherman

Anchor buckle belt from Asos

Navy skinny chinos from Topman

Brown suede loafers from Zara

Okay. Stay Fancy.

3 thoughts on “Blue, burgundy, skulls & anchors

  1. Hi
    Love the ideas, inspiration and outfits.
    Maybe you could help, I’m a 6″9, 125kg whos active and fit! who loves clothes but battles to find anything in my size, things are either too short, too baggy or just revolting! So normally I have to shop in boutiques or oversees based brands, it gets flippen expensive! What I like is that you’ve balanced local retailers with boutique brands.

    Where can I find large, tailored sizes???


    1. Hi Pete,

      This is a tricky question, I’ll admit. As you can well understand, I shop for my size mostly so could help you with 1.8m and 72kg : )

      In saying that, not all stores cater to me, I find that Zara is usually the best at Tailoring there clothes…but everyone is built differently.

      My advice, find a good tailor, then instead of buying boutique, buy off the rack from local stores and use the money you would spend at a boutique on tailoring.

      That’s my best advice. Hope it helps.


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