Talk about a killer look!

This will really make you ‘drop dead gorgeous.’

Ok, that’s it, i’m all out of fashion / death puns. But this is really no ordinary pocket square.Unknown-3Its called The Damned, and it’s made from lemon Military Grade Ballistic Strength Aramid Fibre. What does it all mean? Well basically, what we have here is a bullet proof pocket square. Pretty awesome uh?

Unknown-2Designer Sruli Recht has even created a new pocket square fold to go with this guy, aptly named “The Damned”. So what would a life saving pocket square set you back? $134. Yes, apparently thats the price you pay for looking good and feeling safe. Want one? well it’s available here on the fancy.



This leaves me with only one question. What if they shoot you in the face?

Okay. Stay Fancy….and safe.

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