Full-shotIt’s been tough dressing all fancy like lately.

Cape Town is HOT!!! 

None the less it’s #FancyFriday and there are bigger forces at play here. Clearly I was in a very blue grey mood, that’s ok, not every day can be a green pants day!

The trick today was keeping it simple and neutral so that the tiny pops of reddish burgundy-ish could pop out. Pop pop.

Here are the details of this outfit:

Skinny fit raw denim by Levis

Medium-shotBlue blazer from Zara

Grey oxford shirt by Cotton On

Brown leather anchor belt from ASOS

pocket-square White and burgundy pocket square from ASOS

skull Skull lapel pin (one half of a set of earrings) from Loviso

Red tie clip from The tie Bar

Navy blue and red polka dot tie with striped backing from Markham

ShoesBrown Suede loafers from Zara

Okay. Stay fancy.

5 thoughts on “#Fancy Friday in blue, blue and red

      1. The photoframe wall that is featured on the site. Some of the pics are clipped to the wall. On 21 Feb 2013 12:25 PM, “what my boyfriend wore” wrote: > > whatmyboyfriendwore commented: “Im not really sure I understand the question? Clips? Picture frame? Wall?” >

      2. At the risk of sounding like an absolute novice….which, I am, I’m afraid I still don’t know what you mean.

        I’ve tripple checked the post you are referring to, but still nothing.

        Sorry dude.


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