The tattoo.

Yep. The more fashion becomes accessible to everyone in the world, the more important being an individual has become. And nothing can make you stand out from the crowd like some personalised ink, after all, it is the ultimate bespoke, isn’t it?

I’m relatively new to the whole tattoo game and only braved my first last year in Austin, Texas, but am itching for a new one to add to what will one day be a full sleeve. So, I was lucky to win some tickets off the Bangers and Nash blog to this year’s annual Cape Tattoo Convention where I went off to get some inspiration


There were some amazing artists and I saw some incredible pieces being done. A part of my fancy prize is a tattoo voucher with one of South Africa’s best, Manuela from Wildfire tattoos. Perhaps I’ll share the experience with you guys.

Anyway, so it turns out this wasn’t just one giant room abuzz with the sound of tattoo guns. Levi’s was one of the sponsors and hosted a tattoo inspired fashion and art expo. They had commissioned local tattoo artists and designers to “tattoo” the classic trucker jacket.

Designer-trucker-jacketsDenim-Jackets-Raoul Denim-Jackets-Rasty Denim-Jackets-Hanno

I absolutely loved these 3, and for those of you who don’t read Afrikaans (one of our 11 official languages here in South Africa) the typography reads “Friendship, Freedom, Peace”… man I would kill for that jacket.

Finally, I thought I would share with you guys some of my favourite pieces from the art and design expo, all inspired by tattoos. As a graphic designer by trade I really appreciate this stuff, I even bought a few pieces for the house.


So, I realise this isn’t purely a fashion post but I thought it was worth sharing. If you absolutely hated it, or maybe even mildly hated it, lemme know.

Okay. Stay fancy.

2 thoughts on “The ultimate accessory

  1. i went to the first one, and man was it inspirational!
    it was really amazing, i really respect tattoos and tattoo artists.
    nice post!
    and some amazing art!
    i have even convinced my metal loving boyfriend to start reading your blog, he loves it just as much as i do! 🙂

    1. Sjoe!

      What a relief!

      I was a little worried about that post, thought fashionistas may find it irrelevant!!

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      Yeah Tattoo artists are insane! It’s like drawing with a vibrating brick! Awesome!


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