Know your pattern- nailhead

I know this category of the blog is called “know your patterns”, but when it comes to this one, im not even sure I do.

After a massive amount of research, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to take this little bit of fashion knowledge with a handful of salt and consider it more a tip than a truth.

You see, between birds eye and nailhead every resource I found had a different definition and even worse, a different example on each. The only thing I could find consistent is that it falls into what is considered a ‘solid’ pattern, which is to say that it give the appearance of a solid colour from afar. Upon closer inspection one should see that the weave has a resulting lighter dot on the surface giving it a Nailhead / Birds eye / bullseye / pin head appearance much like oxford cloth.

Those aren’t just adjectives, nope those are all variations of this pattern, where nailhead would carry a more square weave, birdseye a more diamond shape and bulls eye a more oval shape with pin head seemingly being a very tiny dot like pattern.

In the end, I think I vaguely get it, all I know is, I like it!

I’m hoping I’ve hit the ‘nail’ on the head with the examples below.

Know your pattern- nailhead2

Know your pattern- nailhead3

Know your pattern- nailhead4

Know your pattern- nailhead5

If we have any fabric experts in the house, please feel free to correct me.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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