full-shotEvery morning I try to make time for a Deluxe coffee.

Even when I don’t have time, I usually make time. Kinda a ritual to start my day.

But, this isn’t a coffee blog, so lets get to the fashion.

Today I had one mission! Sporting the awesome Skull suspenders that my friend Emma brought back from Hong Kong for me. Sweet girl.

Suspenders are one of those really fun menswear accessories. For the most part they’re completely hidden all day, and then every now and then, the detail peeks out. They’re way more comfy than a belt, (you never wear both) I should wear more of them.

full-shot---open-jacketThe details of this outfit are as follows:

Green skinny Chinos by Levis


Grey blazer by Zara

Brown Herringbone tie from ASOS

Bronze tie clip from The tie bar

Kenneth hank by Heywood 1922

White oxford shirt from Mr Price

Black and grey glasses by Persol (available at Sunglass Hut)

Suspenders from H&M


Shoes from Socrati

Okay. Stay fancy.


4 thoughts on “#FancyFriday with coffee and green

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