tumblr_mhy967eAqa1rpwnldo1_1280I’m thanking my lucky stars for New York Fashion Week. Nick Wooster shots are running low, surprising given he’s the most photographed street fashion icon on the web. Nonetheless, here is Nick in all his NYFW glory.

My first reaction: “Holy shit Nick, what are you wearing?“. It is by far the bravest outfit I think we’ve seen on him and honestly, I think a little out of character for his ‘contemporary classic with a twist’ kinda look. It is without a doubt very much military influenced, and I think we know by now that Mr. Wooster is all about the military influences. That khaki tie and shirt combo, the horse riding breeches, the bomber jacket.

So, military, still very much in fashion. Thanks Nick.

But what else have we learnt?

Well, that bomber jacket feels kinda out of place to me, it takes a rather structured outfit and makes it a little, um, frumpy. But then I realised, it’s winter in NY, it must be cold, Nick’s just being practical.

So, major lesson learnt. No matter what, dress for the occasion first, then adjust for practicality.

For those of you in love with the above outfit, you can feast your eyes on the gallery of details below.

Okay. Stay fancy.

5 thoughts on “Wooster Wednesday #17

  1. I dont think the bomber jacket is just functional.
    The Wooster is also showing that military has many guises and he pulls it off in my opinion.

    1. I dont think the bomber jacket is purely functional, and I agree that military is multi faceted.

      What I do think though is that here, it doesnt work, or should I say, it’s not Nicks BEST look, everything he wears works, I just think he would of pulled it off better with a structured blazer.

      But that’s just my opinion. I’m no expert.

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