Instagram was the platform that WMBW launched on.

What we didn’t know at the time, is that there is a whole Wide Instagram world of fashion out there. It’s an awesome resource and a great platform for inspiration.

However in the cut throat world of #OOTD (Outfit of the day) you’re only as good as your last outfit, and in order to survive, you need to bring your A game everyday (Sounds like a script to a movie trailer that)

This NEW blog category will feature these, the most dapper gents of Instagram.

Meet Joe Demadura or @joesteezzy as he is known on Instagram.

Now from what I have gathered in some basic conversation I’ve had with Joe over time, is that he live in LA and works at Nordstrom. Not much of a bio I know, but we’re not here for that, we’re her for this gents amazing sense of fashion.

This guy has by far the most enviable wardrobe I have ever seen, and he has a great way of putting it together across an entire spectrum of looks and dress codes.

The most enviable part of his wardrobe? His shoe collection. There seems to be a new pair each week, a benefit no doubt from working at Nordstrom, here’s just a taste.

Now, because life’s not only about fashion, but sometimes also about family, its pretty cool when you can find the sweet spot where they meet and Joe, does this perfectly! Look how he carries his style to this cute little daughter of his.

If you’re on Instagram, do yourself a favour, go follow this man.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

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