A Wooster gif! Awesome!

But we’re here to learn another lesson from Nick, aren’t we?

I think this week’s posts may just be more about things to look out for in the future rather than a lesson learnt. Firstly, hats, and I’m not talking about a base-ball cap, nor am I particularly speaking about the sheriff’s hat Nick has on, but maybe invest in a nice gentleman’s hat, something like a trilby or a fedora, much like Wooster, you’ll be way ahead of your time.

Lastly, and this is something I’ve been suspecting for a while now…small sunglasses. Yeah, I’m feeling smaller framed sunglasses with smaller lenses are making a come back, maybe not RIGHT now, but soon! So maybe go out and get yourself some before everyone else does.

To get a more static idea of what Nick was wearing up here, enjoy the pic below.

Thanks to @Chuck_Radebe for sharing on twitter.

Okay. Stay fancy

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