RayChuwI know what you’re thinking “It’s Tuesday, not Sunday” and you’d be right.

Apologies for the late Sartorial Sunday post, but at least it come bearing gifts.

Gangster gifts.

This guy snapped in NY east village looks as though he just walked off a movie set of a 1920’s gangster movie, he’s forgone the hipster loving slim fitting EVERYTHING, for well, the opposite!

And it works so well!!

I was recently challenged to creating an outfit entirely out of thrift store finds (I’m looking into it) and when I do, It may look exactly like this. My favourite piece of this outfit is that ‘hand me down’ v neck jumper he’s got on. Awesome!

Last thing…the hat…remember last weeks Wooster Wednesday…and the come back of the hat? Just saying.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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