21913BroSis8528WebStrictly speaking this isn’t purely menswear. I know.

They’re a couple.

A couple of well put together outfits (see what I did there?)

Sure on the surface they’re kinda monochromatic and a little standard. But what do I always say about details. Being fancy is ALL in the details. Ok, ive never actually said THAT, but it is true.

One thing that completely pops out, are those socks, they make that outfit completely contemporary. But then take a closer look, see how well everything is tailored on that gentleman? From his pants to his coat sleeves, everything is tailored perfectly.

I’m guilty of never having my clothes tailored, I like buying ‘ready to wear’ off the rack, I also dont like the added expense. Recently however I gave the little tailor from Cote d’Ivoire (who works out of this tiny little store on my block) a chance, he’s been amazing, and I’m slightly addicted to now having everything I own tailored EXACTLY how I like it.

If you haven’t found a tailor yet. Make it your mission this week.

Final thing…what was I saying about hats!?

Okay. Stay Fancy.

3 thoughts on “Sartorial Sundays #4

    1. Nope, at the back of my building on president street (by church square). It really is a little hole in the wall, but the dude does a good job and he’s really well priced.

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