Fancy Friday in burgundy & navy with squirrels



Sometimes in life you need to stop and feed the squirrels.

So this morning we did.

We live just down the road from a park filled with them, and so every now and then we go and take them some nuts. ‘Squirrels’ is also mine and Mishas pet name for one another (She made me tell you guys that – but I wont bore you with the details of how and why)

So, When I put this outfit together in my head it seemed to work, and even before leaving the house, it worked, now that I see the pics I’m not so sure.Dark shirts for some reason feel wrong during the day, so I think I’m gonna keep them for purely night time events.

I read somewhere that only Bradley Cooper can pull off a dark shirt and a dark suit…and even so, only in the hangover, so I should of known better.

The details of this outfit are as follows.

Blazer and trousers from H&M (trousers have just been tailored skinnier though)


Red cotton tartan bow tie from LVJ Haberdasher

Sunglasses by Persol

Navy button up shirt from The Gap (available at Stuttafords)

Yellow lapel flower – refashioned earring – from Mr Price

Red belt from Country Road (available at woolworths)

shoesShoes by Ted Baker (available at Stuttafords)

Okay. Stay Fancy.

  1. ahmad ayyash said:

    I really do enjoy this outfit. Though you may have implied that it’s better off as a night time event look, I personally think that it looks good no matter what time. I feel like it’s a great look to work with since it brings joy to the atmosphere, shows people that you’re not boring, and it doesn’t grab peoples attention by overwhelming colors.

    • Wow! Thanks Ahmad

      I’m hyper critical of my outfits, if I put them out there…I feel they have to be perfect. I like youre view on it though, thanks.

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