Full-length-walkingI know this isn’t a fancy Friday outfit.

This week was a bit of a mess and I had a work trip taking me out of town for Friday.

To cut a long story short, I thought I would share this as my favourite outfit of the week. The weather is starting to turn and it was a nice opportunity to start layering. Layering is a very simple way to give your outfit that extra ‘something’ fancy.

I also bust out some socks. Yes, much to everyone’s surprise (for some reason it seems to baffle my Instagram followers that I never wear socks) I do actually wear socks, when the weather calls for it…or when I have a special pair, like these guys that Misha picked up for me at Paul Smith. Luck me!

The details of the outfit are the following:

Indigo 511 denims by Levis


Brown cardigan by GAP

Purple gingham shirt by Sacor Brothers

Burgundy woolen tie and brown leather belt both by Topman

Grey watch by uniform wares

Ipad case from Fossil

Shoes socksShoes from Zara

Socks from Paul Smith

Okay. Stay fancy.




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