[vimeo 41048011 w=600&h=306]

Todays Wooster Wednesday is not just another outfit of the day.

Se, it moves…really really slowly. I like it.

The outfit, well, it’s quite basic, we’ve seen Nick in better. He uses the classic trick of creating contrasts with his white pants and navy blazer, 2 colours that love each other so much they should just get married. The brown boots are again, the perfect colour to bring it all together, I do love the details of all of this, like the collars up on his double breasted blazer and the fact that his boots are kinda rugged for this well put together outfit. It all comes together nicely!

There is of course 1 lesson to be learnt here, and its kinda rule in menswear, I may even make a dressiquetet out of it! Scarves, are meant to be tied. If you’re wearing scarf, tie it, don’t leave it draping around your neck like some kinda dead animal!

Now, enjoy slow Nick!

Okay. Stay fancy.

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