I was recently asked if I’de like to participate in a Puma creative factory as part of their love thy planet initiative.

Uh…”Ya” I said! Who wouldn’t? It is iconic sportswear brand Puma after all…and YES, I do love my planet! We all know green is the new black.

Then I got one of these.

IMG_8079What we have here is a pinhole camera.

Well, first it was a shoe box, then it got re purposed to be a pinhole camera, it came with the instructions to go out and shoot what we wanted to preserve. It was trickier than I anticipated.

Our images would later form the artwork of the T shirts we would be printing.

How did we print the T shirts? Well, take a look at this video.

Basically it’s a process using Lumi Inkodye a light sensitive ink that exposes under UV rays. So , yes, the sun was printing our T shirts for us. My photos were terrible and all my T shirts looked like I had bought them at a sea side surf shop, in the 80’s. But I had a plan.

I made a skull stencil and created this guy below.

IMG_8428This was basically all a little bit of ‘guinea pigging’ for the mega workshop we would be having  with the public in Johannesburg a few weeks later.

Basically anyone from the public could come down and use our pictures to create Tees of their own.

Knowing my little stencil trick worked so well the first time I set to work painstakingly cutting out this anchor and rope guy. It was totally worth it for my first ever WMBW designed and manufactured garment. Wish I had made more of them.


The whole process is super cool and I loved the experience and meetingt some super rad people. They’re having workshops all over the world and you can see all the details of whats happened and happening on the love thy planet website.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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