PSPCwebIf you ever get scared of colour. Well, just come back to this post.

I believe the term wowsers is appropriate.

I count at least 6 different solid colours and 3 different patters that should never work together, yet all do. How did he do it?

Well, once again, it’s the small things isnt it?Lets start with that mustard and bright blue belt, notice how it’s echoed perfectly in his packet square? Yeah. Not an accident.

Same goes for the tie and shirt, the green and purple are complimentary colours (in short – opposites colours on the colour wheel that go really well together) and so blend together awesomely, but the blue in the tie also picks up perfectly on the navy blazer.

The burnt orange pants? Well, this man has doubled up on complimentary colours (I didn’t know it was possible either), with the blue and orange.

I do have 2 small caveats deeming this outfit imperfect I’m afraid, the first is the length of his tie, come on dude, ties run button to button. Secondary, is that messy tie clip, you cant get so much right and throw it away by overlooking that detail.

Either way I tip my hat to this fine young sir, and of course  our friend the sartorialist for capturing him.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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