Full-lengthThis weather is destroying Fancy Friday.

It’s so super dark in the morning that it’s difficult to get a decent shot, so apologies for the poor quality of pics, we’re working on getting a new camera and lens for awesomeness!

Anyway, todays outfit was all about these new Munguia shoes I picked up in New York recently, they accidentally went perfectly with my burgundy pants, as if they were made from the same fabric, well, if my pants were leather that is. They’re not.

I’m also a big fan of the half a suit, I know its frowned upon to not wear a suit as a whole as it wears out unevenly, but I think you end up getting more use out of it this way. This suit had a fine burgundy window pane pattern that went perfectly and paired well with a  very busy tartan tie, the pattern was big enough that it stood out from the fine tartan on the suit. That’s always the best way to mix patterns, by their size, if the size difference is big enough it should work.

The final touch was the yellow lapel flower. Why? Well, because it went with nothing and if are to believe Hardy Amies and I see no reason not to then we should know “To achieve the nonchalance which is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least must not match”


The details of the outfit are the following:

Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs

Suit jacket and vest from Markham

Burgundy skinny chinos from H&M (similar here)

White button down from H&M (similar here)

Tartan tie by LVJ Haberdasher

Tie clip from The Tie Bar

Yellow lapel flower by River Island



Shoes by Munguia shoes 

Okay. Stay fancy.

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