I havent done one of these in a while.

But I do love them. Not so much the outfits, but more the attitude of these well dressed men.

Here’s hollywood talent agent Andrew Weitz. Enjoy

“Everyone’s so scared, don’t be so scared”

I love that! We need more of that, we’re all so scared of what other people think.

If you’re feeling a little flush and wanna dress up like Mr Weitz, here we go:

Slim-fit wool check blazer by Alexander McQueen

Pink classic cotton shirt by Brioni

Slim-fit cotton-gabardine trousers by Alexander McQueen

Lopez suede penny loafers by John Lobb

Leather briefcase by Bottega Veneta

Lapel flower pin by Lanvin

Black diamond-embelished gold and ebony bead bracelet by Luis Morais

Sure, I cant afford any of this stuff, but it’s nice to have something to shoot for.

Okay. Stay fancy.


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