11012GreyKnit_3970WebAnother semi casual look straight off The Sartorialist.

And another late Sartorial Sunday post. Sorry.

This however is a super interesting look, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. I would never thing to do it, and I would never think it works. But it does.

He gets the basics right (very important) a neutral colour tone of grey and khaki with a crisp white shirt. Then he throws us all off by wearing the cardigan over the blazer! What?Amazing. If you look closely he’s actually graded the textures from the outside in, ending off with that crisp white button down. small thing, but a big result! Amazing!

On that note, ive been looking for some chunky knits (inspired by the last 2 Sartorial sunday posts) so if anyone has seen something worth buying, drop us a mail will ya!

If you’re looking to create this outfit online, try this

Chunky knit cardigan

Grey blazer

White button down

Khaki chinos

My shoe recommendation

Socks? Uh…what are you talking about! We don’t wear socks here!

Okay. Stay fancy.




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