full-lengthI was warned about winter in Cape Town. apparently you cant consider yourself a local until you’ve experienced a cold wet winter. Everyone hates it.

I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect excuse to layer, and I’ve been layering a lot.

My favourite medium layer is a cardigan, unlike a waistcoat it still feels as though you have a complete outfit on when you take the blazer off. This blazer however, is one of my new wardrobe favourites, so it never comes off. It’s colour may appear a little hard to wear, but the trick is bringing in little hints of it where you can, in this case, the slight stripe on the shirt, the flowers in the tie and the lines in the socks.

As far as pattern mixing goes, I really went to town here. The blazer has a faint herringbone pattern coming through and the pants a very light tartan, they do convey a flat colour appearance so the patterns never conflict, the shirt and tie are a different story, though the patterns are both quite bold, the floral doesn’t really fight with the stripes in the shirt, and the colours in the shirt are complimented by the tie, so it all comes together.

The details of the outfit are below.


Brown spectacles frames bu Gucci

Cerise herringbone blazer from Markham – (cant find anything similar online I’m afraid)

Grey tartan pants from Markham – get similar here

Bottle green cardigan from Gap – get similar here

Blue striped oxford shirt from Mr Price

Floral tie from Topman

George’s hank pocket square by Heywood

Brown socks with pink and white stripes by Paul Frank – get similar here

Brown wingtip brogues by Ted Baker – get similar (just more expensive) here 

shoesOkay. Stay fancy.

5 thoughts on “Fancy Friday in Cerise, Green and Grey

  1. I really like this; these are great layers, in a compelling colour combo. I can’t stop looking at it! The little brown tab on the blazer is the perfect touch. Love it all. 🙂

      1. Hey “the King”

        I am actually the boyfriend…confusing I now…My girlfriend actually started the blog and I took over.

        The only time I make an appearance is on Fridays, everything else is great inspiration I find online that I share.

        Hope that clarifies it.

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