This is a slightly different Sartorial Sunday, its a little story on one of Scott Schumans favourite subjects Mr Sam Lambert, a carpenters assistant turned tailor, after stumbling on to this little collection, I had to share it as well as some excerpts from the interview, the man is just too cool.


The son of a tailor, Sam approaches every outfit by choosing his hat and shoes first, then judging by the above pictures, the rest just seems to fall into place for him, not a huge surprise given the man had his first bespoke suit at 5 years old. I guess it’s to be expected when you grow up threading needles and chalking fabric up for dad.

Mr Lambert, started his design career after tailoring some vintage pieces of his own, then after opening up his own store and launching a collection did he think it time to learn the tricks of the trade with none other than the infamous tailors of Saville Row. He learnt all the rules he had been breaking for so long, then went on to continue breaking them, but with authority this time.

He is currently head of design for Spencer Heart and one half of Art comes first, go check them out.

Sartorial Sundays wouldnt be complete though without taking the outfit, appreciating it and then letting you re create it, so here goes:

What’s not to love, the man is wearing all grey and punching you in the face with those red pops. Pop pop pop. I love that all the greys are just slightly different, but the perfect distance apart in tone to separate them – That’s a little trick, if you’re matching something, match it perfectly, or otherwise make sure the colours are far enough apart that the differentiation is clear otherwise you end up with what looks like a mistake. The other helpful trick is keeping the texture similar, and Sam hits the nail on the head here with his pants, jacket and tie doing that. Add to that the perfect red touches in the jersey, socks and pocket square and, well, it’s perfect!

Lets see if we can re create the look:

Similar grey blazer here

Similar charcoal pleated pants here

Similar grey tie here

Similar white button down shirt here

Similar red v-neck jersey here

similar red polka dot pocket square here

Similar socks here

similar shoes here (well, not entirely similar, but this is what I would wear with this outfit)

Okay. Stay fancy.

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