This is a serious want.

In fact I had planned something completely different for this weeks want of the week, and then I rsaw this guy.

Now, I realise this isn’t strictly fashion, but you could argue that it’s a mega accessory. I’ve been wanting a hipster bike for ages, for no other reason than, well, it just looks cool and it’s a great way to get around on the weekends, that want was heightened with last weeks Wooster Wednesday when Nick spoke to us about his new found love for the bicycle.

So when this bad boy popped up on my screen this morning ( I subscribe to the Paul Smith newsletter because I like punishing myself) I had a tiny internal weep. Why? Well, it’s just awesome, but it costs the same as a small island.

I guess that’s what the want of the week is all about, unattainable objects.

Okay. Stay Fancy

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