full-length-2Firstly, we’ve been having some camera problem, so excuse the slightly blurry pics, we’re in the market to replace our dinosaur SLR…if anyone is looking to sponsor us one : )

Anyway, on to the fashion.

Another Fancy Friday, another give away. And for those who saw yesterdays post, I’ll be giving a way a tie every week for the next 3 weeks curtsey of Kiph.

So needless to say, this entire outfit was built around this amazing floral tie. Floral ties are super easy to dress up, they offer enough colour variation that you can pick a tone and go with it, but they’re not graphic enough that anyone thing stands out.

I went totally classic here too, herringbone blazer, oxford shirt and and khaki chinos, a nice little twist here with the fringed shoe, if give a bit of an old school golfer vibe, so it helps keep the look classic.

The details of the outfit as well as how to win the tie are below:


Blazer from Markham – get a similar one here

Shirt from Uniqlo

Tie by Good Heavens

Belt from Topman

Skinny Chinos by Levis

Lapel flower from River Island

Rose gold tie clip from The tie bar

Shoes from Markham – get similar brogueish ones here


So, now, you wanna win this tie do you?

pointing-at-tieIt’s simple. Here’s how.

As per usual, you gotta show some appreciation for the sponsors, so go like Kiph on Facebook.

Go to the “win this tie” post on my Facebook page. Share it and leave a comment under the post (the comments are so that I can track entries as privacy settings dont always let me see the shares)

Simple uh?

Lets clear up the terms and conditions.

• This competition is open to anyone in the world as Kiph ships globally.

• To enter you must be a fan of Kiph on Facebook

• You must share the Facebook post on my page

• You must comment on the Facebook post on my page

The competition opens on Friday the  21st of June 2013 and closes Tuesday night, with the winner being announced on Wednesday with a random draw.

Good luck and stay fancy.

3 thoughts on “Fancy Friday in a Kiph tie

  1. I would totally be interested in buying this tie, but can’t seem to find it. I know this is an older post, but do you have any pointers? Thanks!

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