Not much makes it’s way to the tip of Africa from the 1st world.

We pretty much rely on online shopping and insane import duties to get our style fix. Thats why when a store like Loom opens up, its more than a big deal.

Loom pretty much stocks the ultimate collection of awesome, pretty much the kind of stuff that ends up on my want of the week wall. It’s all cult status stuff, brands like Commes des Garçons, Fred Perry, A.P.C and even some limited edition footwear for sneaker heads. They also dabble in some rad accessories like SUPER sunglasses as well as some little home wear trinkets – I’m a big fan of home wear trinkets.

If you live in the mother city (or are visiting), definitely check it out, right next to Clarkes on Bree street. Then maybe go to Clarkes for a cheeseburger and a citizen beer, seriously, it will change your life.

Joburg peeps, you still have the original Loom on 4th street in Parkhurst.

International friends…well, you guys can just walk into jut about anywhere and buy this stuff! : )

Okay. Stay fancy.

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