Technically this shouldn’t be a want of the week, because it’s actually quite affordable, considering.

But I do definitely want them. Soonest.

I never used to be a big boot guy, but with Wooster Wednesday after Wooster Wednesday, I grew increasingly inspired, then I bought my first pair…and have barely taken them off since. They’re just absolutely perfect for winter.

I have had my eye out for a brogue pair for quite a while, but cant seem to find anything in store that looks the part, then I found these guys online. I love the fact that it looks like someone else has been wearing them for a year, because really, thats the trick for me. I love that worn in look, there’s nothing worse than brand new looking boots.

So, regardless of the price, this is my want of the week. They also come in black (below) but I do have to say I favour the brown.

Want them? Awesome! you can get the brown ones here and the black ones here. Then send me a pair too, I’m afraid I still cant afford those guys.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

2 thoughts on “Want of the week – Hudson Brogue Leather Boot

  1. The brown brogue boots you are looking for are at Aliverti in the Lifestyle Centre in Kloof Street. Worn in leather, dark brown, from Italy. At R3000 they are not cheap, but they are pretty much a long term investment. The main challenge will be leaving without buying something else!

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