Pitti Uomo has come and gone.

For those of you who dont know what I’m talking about Pitti Uomo is not only one of the largest menswear exhibitions in Florence, its also a street style explosion with the fanciset of the fancy putting out their best threads in hopes of getting snapped up.

Something kinda like this shot (on the famous Pitti wall).

pittimainIn stark contrast to the above, is this ensemble from Nick Wooster, my personal style icon below.


Now to be fair, the gentleman above are all more than likely Italian, or european at the very least, and so this above ‘look’ is almost kinda normal.

Given Nicks outfit, I think I’m gonna launch straight into this weeks Wooster lesson. Everyone has a bad day. Thats it. And it’s true. Sometimes your wardrobe just lets you down, but you’ll get the next one. I have high hopes for Wooster Wednesday #30

I’m not gonna bother telling you how to re create this look. I would think between the tartan/floral mix and the moccasin sneakers, you guys have decided against it.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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