full-length-seatedI had to sit down, before the wind blew me over.

One of the benefits of living in Cape Town I guess. That and the fact that it’s dark till 8am and dark from 6PM. It makes shooting these posts a little trickier!

On the plus side choosing this outfit was, pretty easy. Once again as we are giving away this tie – courtesy of the lads at Kiph – It was all built around the tie. I basically wanted to touch on all the colours in the tie, from the yellow to the different shades of blue, this would really let the tie pop.

It was also time to bring out these new oxfords I found at the Zara sale. I do love me a new pair of shoes, but to not make stuff to boring between the black shoes and navy pants, I added a pop of yellow in the socks, it might look overpowering here, but when you’re standing its the kind of thing that only peeks out every now and then.


Here are the details of the outfit:

Floral tie by Good Heavens available at Kiph

Pale yellow oxford shirt from Mr Price – or get similar here

Blue blazer from Zara – get similar here

Yellow lapel flower from River Island

Blue pocket square by Loft Trading

Grey watch by Uniform Wares

Blue skinny chinos by Craig Port – get similar here

Black leather oxford shoes by Zara – get similar here

Grey and yellow striped socks by Hugo Boss – get similar here

So you want to win the last and final tie in our give away?

It’s gonna be simple, and this is how simple.


That’s right, subscribe to WMBW on the column in the right under the headline “follow WMBW here”, (current subscribers will also be entered – I would never forget you guys!)

Then subscribe to Kiph. You’ll find the subscription bar at the bottom of their homepage. Now, admittedly, all I can offer you is a daily dose of mens fashion advice together with some inspiration when you subscribe to WMBW but Kiph is gonna give you a little more. All new subscribers get 10% off their first order (better than a kick in the pants I think) but even better than that, you also go into a draw for a R2000.00 (about $200) gift hamper at the end of July.

This competition will run from Friday 05/07 to wednesday 10/07 with the winner being announced on Thursday the 11/07 via e-mail.

The competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world and your prize will be shipped to you.

You have to be subscribe to WMBW and Kiph to be eligible for the tie, but only to Kiph to be eligible for the R2000 ($200) hamper at the end of July.

Good luck and stay fancy.

3 thoughts on “Fancy Friday in blue and yellow with a Kiph tie give away

  1. nice man , your style is remarkable. you’ve inspired me to step my game up!

    gotta get some cash first tho ! :/
    but keep doing what you do !

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