Todays Sartorial Sunday will be a little different.

Rather than 1 outfit, Im paying homage to the double breasted jacket, or DB as its referred to in fashion circles. This isn’t just a smart idea of mine, it’s actually my second task to complete as part of the GQ Blogger Start Up challenge. We needed to put together a mini gallery of 5 picture around a theme, so I’ve gone with the DB.

LEEOLIVEIRA-3m21Image via Lee Oliveira

hat-and-windowpane-pitti-uomo-menswear-style-jacket-double-breasted-650x975 Image via Trashness

Brian Trunzoimage via Mode Pure

tumblr_moao9a01cS1rlvr6wo1_1280image via Dapper Lou

Somerset-House-lookbook-grey-double-breasted-blue-650x975image via Garconjon

So, strangely enough, I don’t own a Double Breasted jacket. I’m not sure why, Ive tried them on many times, and come pretty close with 1 or 2 at Zara. I’m always just scared they’re not as versatile as a 2 button or 1 button blazer, they also always appear less flattering on me.

After compiling this post though, I’m kinda aching to get my hands on one, there is something very gentlemany about them, they are after all ( like almost all mens fashion ) inspired by the military and was all the rage at Pitti Uomo 2013.

If you haven’t yet had a chance go check out the GQ Blogger Start Up challenge. If you think I’m the most deserving please drop me a vote, i’de be super appreciative.

Okay. Stay fancy.

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