tumblr_mlq84806yo1r7fjovo1_1280tumblr_mlp53gGWQt1r7fjovo1_1280tumblr_mlsrb5xwqM1r7fjovo1_1280Todays Sartorial Sunday, (yes I know it’s not Sunday) is gonna be a little different.

This time I really wanted to honour some home grown talent in this blogger trio known as “I see a different you“, thats Vuyo Mpantsha on the left and then Justice and Innocent Mukheli next to him. Yes, they’re twins, and I can never really tell them apart!

There is absolutely no question that these gents have the sartorial edge, but what I love about it is that it’s quintessential African, and thats an incredible thing. Style is one thing, but these boys take style, bravery and mix it in with a little bit of Africa to create something that is truly inspired. Rumour has it that they find most of their gear in second hand stores and tailor it to perfection, I guess thats what keeps every look unique.

This unique look must be why Diesel called them in to form part of the Diesel + Edun Studio Africa exhibition, where they showcased some of their photographic work. Not the first time they exhibited either, they were also invited to show some work in Tokyo. Nice!

I really love these guys, I bump into them every now and then and they are the most humble down to earth crew and I have nothing but respect for them. They are more than fashion, they’re on this life mission to turn around the worlds view on Africa, so much so that they were even invited to do a talk at TED X Soweto. 

They’ve also started a project taking photographs in township schools, something that’s been lost to budget cuts but something they believe every school kid  should have! See what I mean, they’re just nice guys, and I’m sure there is so much more they’re up to that I have no idea about. I wish them nothing but success.

Anyway, if you wanna follow what they’re up to, you can take a look at their Tumblr here, or follow them on Facebook on Instagram and of course Twitter

In the meantime, lets see if we can put together one of these looks. I reckon we go for Justices look, in the middle…or is that Innocent?

Of course were never gonna find this EXACT outfit, but you can kinda get the look.

Get a similar coat with a little pimp fur detail here

Get a smart white shirt here

Get a similar striped tie here

Get similar stone skinny trousers here

Get some stripy socks (that talk to the tie) here

Get similar tan brogues here

Okay. Stay fancy


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