So a couple of months ago, I did a little post about the gents from Street Etiquette and there views on fashion.

As it turns out these gents touched down on our shores a couple weeks ago to visit Street Cred, (Africas No1 urban street culture event) with the boys from I see a different you who I featured in last weeks Sartorial Sunday.

I’m happy to see that they immersed themselves in the the ‘real’ Johannesburg, getting down and dirty in the places that even us locals fear to tread, but I guess thats where the truly inspired street fashion lives. Some amazing style in that vid and in the pics below.

Thanks for visiting guys, next time come say hi to us folks in Cape Town.

Okay. Stay Fancy.

2 thoughts on “Street Etiquette visit South Africa

  1. Would love to feature you on blog. I’m currently searching for bloggers with african roots and I was hoping I could feature you as a must follow blogger for the month of november. Mainly cause I recently found out about you n im in the journey to make my boyfriend follow your lookbook inspirations seeing that he comes to south africa alot more than I do.

    all in all,
    stay fab!

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